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Gettin to us

First you should plan to be with us on the start day before 6.00pm - if you can't do this you need to get in touch to make special arrangements though it's normally not a problem, see what happens when you arrive.... When we started the only reasonable way to get to us was the ferry. Now there are many different ways of travelling and which is best for you will depend very much on the make-up of your group and where you are travelling from. We can help with all this and for an overview and almost all possible relevent links Ferry2France have put up a website with all you need to know about getting to us and car hire - go see www.ferry2france.com. The Cheapest ferry service now appears to be speedferries which will take a car and 5 passengers for around £100 return from Dover to Bologne. Alternatively we can book Brittany Ferries crossings for you and we also run a Saturday minibus to the nearest TGV station at St Brieuc.So you can either fly to Paris then get the train or do a direct Eurostar run from Britain to St Brieuc with only one change in Paris. For any method of arriving in Brittany we can organise taxis to pick you up - this you will pay at cost but we will be able to give you a quote for the trip before you book.

Re train times. We collect and drop off people at the St Brieuc TGV (Train Grande Vitesse) station every Saturday afternoon, this service costs &pound20/30e per person in total for both trips. We are there to meet up with the 2.11pm (leaving Paris at 11.05am) and at the same time drop off the previous week's customers ready for the 3.09pm arriving at Paris Montparnass at 6.25pm (this assumes SNCF don't change their timetables).

There are other trains during the day and we can arrange taxis for those as well, though in this case the cost will be shared equally between those taking the taxi. In fact it is often the case that several people will want the pick-up and so the difference between taking these trains and our 2.11pm service is minimal - however we can't guarentee this, in the worse case you will have to pay the full cost of the taxi at around 70e... The cost for the train is about 50e return if you book via the internet and in good time. You book direct with SNCF at their website.

The trains which are suitable (assuming no timetable changes - we'll keep you posted) are as follows...

Arrivals coming from Paris

Paris Montparnasse -> St Brieuc

9.05 -> 12.02

11.05 -> 14.11 (the standard pick-up)

14.05 -> 17.13

Departures leaving St Brieuc

St Brieuc -> Paris Montparnasse

10.10 -> 13.25

15.09 -> 18.25(Standard drop-off)

18.08 -> 21.10

Self Drive

You can make your own way to us on one of the many ferry or tunnel services, there is parking by our base and we will give you detailed driving instructions on how to get to us.

RyanAir Recently RYANAIR have begun a service from Luton to Dinard, it is a very fast and convenient way of getting to us. Again we can arrange pick-up though because of the vaguaries of the service this is by Taxi and is therefore more expensive (around &pound100). However for many people the best bet is car hire and the following site (click here to go there) is an alternative for car hire at the airport. This can be cheaper than a taxi and gives you the car for the week - typically a four seater car costs less than £150 which with cheap flights makes this one of the cheapest ways to travel at the moment.

For those coming from outside Europe

For an excellent site on ferry and flight bookings and for an overview and almost all possible relevent links Ferry2France have put up a website with all you need to know about getting to us and car hire - go see www.ferry2france.com.

Flying to Paris and then taking the TGV train.to St Brieuc is the best way of getting here. Alternatively car hire is available and many people find hire of a car is less than the train fare, we can advise you on all this, just get in touch.

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