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A Note on Air-Filters

Fact - A good airfilter set-up will give as much power, sometimes more power than no filters.

I feel like weeping when I see beautifully prepared engine compartments adorned with open ram-pipes or chrome pancake filters. The air is full of fine dust particles, many of which are things like quartz. Think grinding paste... pancake filters just stop passers-by getting sucked in and are little better than open carbs. On a typical engine you’ll be getting smoky after 20,000 miles – much less if you are in a dusty atmosphere like trials, gymkanas and roadtests. There are quality filter systems around that will protect the engine. My favourite by some distance are the K&N dedicated filters fitted to our hire cars. Not only do they offer no restriction to airflow, but the cast alloy casing (bearing the logo ‘Sprite’ or ‘Midget’) incorporate rampipes – so you get good looks, decent filtering and 3 bhp more power...

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