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Getting a cylinder head off.

We’ve all been there. Need to do a decoke (oh those were the days...). Want to grind your valves, leaking gasket etc. You’ve undone all those bolts and tried to lift off the head. Nope stuck. You’ve hit it with a rubber hammer, turned the motor over with spark plugs in (but leads off) and no joy. By now you’re desperate and looking at that cold chisel and lump hammer on the workbench. Fear not! Simple solution:-)

Get some thick rope – if it only just fits a spark plug hole then great. Wind the motor by hand (spark plugs out) so that 2 and 3 are at TDC. push rope into the spark plug holes 1 and 4 – try to put the same amount in each. Connect the battery and turn the motor over on the starter. The head will pop off! You shouldn't’ damage the engine as the valves are safely tucked away at TDC and the forces involved are a lot less than at 6000 rpm with your foot down... If it doesn’t work just put more rope in – works in the end - every time...

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