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The Cars

Over the last 30 years I have owned over 20 different sports cars: TRs, MGBs, Triumph Spitfires, Lotus 7s Fiat X1/9's, Marlin, Fisher Fury and now a Lotus elise. Kate is not entirely innocent, having owned a couple of minis, an A35 van and currently driving a Morris Traveller. If you want to know my personal 'greatest ever' then perhaps I'd go for the Austin Healey Sprite (later MG Midget)

Sprite Cockpit

For those who just love the look and idea of the thing, the Sprite is easy to drive, great fun and will make everyone smile at you. For those who like details, what follows is my personal take on what I consider the greatest sportcar ever made.

So what makes Spridgets special.

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